Australis Films

Before clicking on the below link, I would like to thank initally Henk Looyen for having the forthought in taking all of this footage back in '76, it captures certain parts of the ship and her travels beautifully. I guess to me the most appreciative part is that the Looyen's were actually on my trip...... so the footage you are seeing means a lot to me so far as been there at the time. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to Henks son Paul who has corresponded with me and has spent a considerable amount of time redoing the colours and resolution so they can be presented here for all to see.

The regrettable part is that Paul supplied 3 versions, low quality, medium quality and high quality, his whole project alone was some 64mb of space, most ISP providers only allow a 20mb allowance, my website as at May 2005 is running around 35mb and it is impossible to place the higher resolution films on the web. My thanks goes to my friend Skip and his team at who have not only helped me out with the web space for my site but have allowed me to also upload most of Pauls movies.

Many thanks to Paul for supplying these fantastic video clips of the Australis, during voyage 53 southbound Feb - Mar 1976. May I please remind you all that the movies are copyrighted to Paul and his family. By vieiwing this material you agree to the copyright as stated, or sorry I don't agree please return me to the home page