How many of us have the brochures and postcards of SS America from 1978 and the SS Italis ?

If you do - look closely, it would appear the SS Australis was used for most of these promo shots, here are some examples. If your not convinced, check out the bottom photo for the tell tale areas.

Here is a photo clearly of the SS Australis, taken from an advert i have - grabbed in haste by Venture Cruises to advertise their new SS America - no arguments here - this is the Australis - yes ?


SS australis - same photo - but the funnels were cleverly airbrushed over to disguise the Australis markings - still no royal blue hull though


Here is a photo proclaiming to be the SS ITALIS as seen on many postcards and advertising brochures and you may agree as it has only 1 funnel - however, it is the same photo of the Australis cleverly airbrushed


NOT CONVINCED - take a look at all 3 above photos, they all have the same wake pattern around the ship and in the promo shots of the ITALIS, the forward funnel has been taken off but look how far the mast has been put back - the mast never moved and also missing is the pod that the dummy funnel sat on - I will admit - i was surprised of the technology and the trouble they went to to do this - thanks to Ben Olson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA for pointing out that this is not a photo of ITALIS at sea

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