SS Australis

Crew member 1966 - 1967

by Sofianidis Angelo

Searching the internet I decided to investigate about vessels that I served during My career.
Of course there is a different between the eye of a passenger and an eye of crew member(I was deck cadet from the period of 6th of July 1966 up to December 16th 1967)

For the history and may be for the purposes of your web site I report that the captain beside the Engine Telegraph on the Bridge is Captain Dimitrios Chalioris H.M.M. born in Chios island and died before 4 years.
In this particular time our route was SOUTHAMPTON as base port and then to Piraeus-Suez Canal -Aden for bunkering-Fremantle(Perth) Melbourne-Auckland or Wellington alternatively-Suva (Fiji islands) for bunkering
-Acapoulco(for Bunkering)-Panama canal Miami(Fort Lauderdale) and Finally Southampton.Duration of the voyage 54 to 56 days weather permited. Memories and Memories my dear friend

The staff in this period was as follows.


Chalioris Dimitrios Captain
Avdelas Gregory Staff captain
Telis Marcos Chief officer
Miskis Ioannis Chief officer on watch 8-12 replaced by
Kindinis Emmanouel Chief officer
Frangoulis Nikolaos Chief officer on watch 12-4Navigating officer
replaced by
Cheilas Georgios Chief officer
Poulopoulos Nikolaos Chief officer (Safety officer)
Perdikaris Nikolaos Deck Cadet on watch 12-4
Sofianidis Angelo Deck Cadet on watch 4-8(Assisting the safety
Zoes Demosthenes Deck Cadet on watch 8-12


Vardis Ioannis Chief Engineer
Karachalios M. First Assist Engineer
Katsamatsas Prodromos Chief Electrician
Filippou G. 2nd Engineer
Kyritis N. 2nd Engineer
Asimakopoulos N. 2nd Engineer
Psimoulis g. 3rd Engineer(Boiler room)
Karayannis N. 3rd Engineer(Boiler room)
Kyristsis I. 3rd Engineer(Boiler room)
Valmas N. 3rd Engineer(Engine office)
Valnas I. 3rd Engineer(Air conditioning)

C' Radio Room Call signal HYSS
Delaportas Gerasimos Chief Radio operator
Rentikas N. Radio operator A' class
Ouzounis Th. Radio operator A' class

Of course there are many others that today I cannot remember

What I seein the web site is a serious and good job and I congratulate
If you need any further assistance free of charge I am at your disposal

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