Memorabillia courtesy of John and Roselyn Clark

I have decided to dedicate this part of my website to John and Roselyn Clarke of Victoria Australia. I wish to thank them sincerely for their large input to my 'museum' and passing on to me items from the Australis. As those familiar with my site will know John and Roselyn presented me with a large box of items mid 2001, which included the Chandris Pennant that adorned the main mast of the Australis also included was, crockery and cuttlery, tea towel. worry beads, ashtray, travel bag, cocktail sticks, coasters etc.

However, i also received a further gift for christmas 2001. They have kindly sent me an envelope of items including several different types of baggage tags (6 types) a questionare form, Chandris stationery (envelopes and letter head), pass for admitting a passengers visitor during berthing, table reservation form, a Chandris Lines Christmas card from the captain, and an Australis booklet (never seen this one before).

I extend my gratitude to John and Roselyn for their kindness in passing on this memrobillia to myself.

Darren Byrne January 2002


The first 'donation' July 2001
My "christmas present" December 2001

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