Firstly a huge thank you !

Before we go any further it is important to mention that I am indebted to John and Roselyn Clarke of Victoria Australia who unselfishly presented me with this magnificent piece of history and by far the best memorabilia anyone could ever ask for - my utmost sincerest thanks and appreciation is extended to them for this flag along with the other items that they presented to me that can be seen in my museum section.

A heartfelt thankyou to both John and Roselyn Clarke

Darren Byrne
Webmaster August 2001

This appears to be the flag given the blue border and apparant blue lettering ( arrowed) aloft in around 1975, if you have a better photo - please email to me Webmaster Darren Byrne with the flag or "Chandris" Pennant donated by John and Roselyn Clarke which adorned the mast of the Australis.


The flag in my possession was flown on the main mast of the Australis and in particular on the winter sun seeker cruise (A21) July / August 1977. The flag was acquired on 7th August 1977 at Noumea during this cruise

All I will say in the circumstances of it been acquired is that the flag was about to be hoisted aloft by an Officer in Noumea when it came into the possession of crewmember Roselyn. It has remained boxed up for many years. (Begs the question " what else is boxed up somewhere in the world regarding this liner?" doesn't it? LOL)

It is obviously probable that this was the flag used throughout her career from the mid 70's. The Promotional photos of the ship in the mid 60's to very early 70's with the white hull, shows a flag larger in width but shorter in length than the one I have (more like a square cut diagonally, where as this one is a pennant - longer and thinner).

The photo displayed of it on the ship above was taken around 1975 and shows the thinner pennant style that I am referring to.

As I spent 4 weeks onboard emmigrating to Australia in early 1976, I firmly believe that this flag accompanied me on my trip before, shall we say 'falling off' in 1977, it certainly is in a used state and would appear to have spent many an hour on the foremast of the "Australis"

The Flag is approximately 8ft long and the width at the mast end been some 3ft, it is white with a dark blue border and blue lettering spelling out CHANDRIS and is displayed - rather proudly I may add - in my display cabinet, along with my other memorabilia associated with this once magnificent liner of yesteryear.

Darren Byrne

The flag is hoisted aloft for possibly the first time in 25 years,(Jan 2002) webmaster Darren Byrne raises the flag
The flag begins to flutter in the wind
Although not flying as taught as I would have liked I had to be mindful of the wind strength. I did not want the flag that has already got holes in it ripping apart.

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