Thank you for participating in this questionnaire for my thesis. The information you provide should assist me in my research. My thesis looks at the experiences of migrants as they voyaged to Australia; What was it like on the ship? What were the motives behind immigrating and did the migrants get some education about Australia? Were friendships bound forever or did something dramatic occur? The great immigration odysseys are a thing of the past and it is important to recapture the spirit of these eventful travels before they are lost to us forever.

There are six small sections in this survey, if you are unable to fill out every section, that's fine - though I'd appreciate as much detail as possible. After answering all the questions, you can either send the document straight to the email indicated at the bottom of the questionnaire or post it back to the webmaster who will forward it to me.

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What Ship did you sail on?
Who (if anyone) did you travel with? (family, friends)
How old were you on this voyage?
Where did you embark and where was your destination?
What made you decide to emigrate to Australia?
Why did you emigrate by sea?
Prior to the voyage, where was the farthest you had travelled?

The Ship

What class/part of the ship did you travel in? (dormitories, tourist class, first class) Describe the cabin/dorm.
Were you separated from your family? If so, what was your reaction?
When could you see each other?
What were your impressions of the ship?

At Sea/ The Voyage

Did you or other passengers fall ill on the voyage?
If you did fall ill, how was it treated?
What was it like to eat on this ship?
What route did the ship take?
Were there any ports of call during the voyage?
Did you enjoy the ports of call?
How long was the voyage?
What were the weather conditions on your voyage?
What sort of celebrations took place on board? (Crossing the Equator, weddings, birthdays, funerals?)
Was the voyage affected by a dramatic event? (eg: Fire on the Skaubryn, Freak wave on the JVO)

Fellow Passengers & Crew

Were the passengers from different backgrounds? If so, from where?
Were any friendships made on this voyage?
Was contact maintained after arrival?
Was there any tension between the passengers or the crew?
What were your impressions of the crew?
Were the passengers entertained? How?

Welcome to Australia!

What were your impressions of Australia when you boarded the ship?
Were you given English lessons on board?
Were you given lessons about Australia? If so, what were they?
Were your impressions about Australia changed onboard the ship?
Were your first impressions changed when you landed in Australia?
What did you do after you landed in Australia?
How important do you think the voyage was to your experience of migrating and settling in Australia?


The voyage to Australia was an important experience for everyone who crossed the mighty seas to come 'down under' - is there something, anything, that particularly stands out in your memory about that voyage?

Many sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who participated!

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