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Aerial satelite picture of the wreck and the surrounding beach

This page was originally designed as a one photo shot of the wreck at present, but as we now have really nothing to see, I think this page really tells a story from her grounding in January 1994 through to today. I have decide to keep the photos of the wreck in a sequence so that we can see how she crumbled over the years. The latest photo taken Sept 2007 - so there may be nothing left now.

Please do give it a few minutes to load - to see her demise


"RIP - SS AUSTRALIS" 1936 - 2008

The below photo (courtesy of Michael) taken September 2007 is probably the photo that over the last 13 years of following her sad demise I have been dreading to put here on my site. The next photo I guess will just be a photo of ocean showing the power of water, with the Australis finally gone. My updates over the last 10 or so years have been mainly following the wreck, I guess other than the odd update for some worthwhile information, like the wreck the book will also close on the website. I now finally feel that the Australis ( and I will always refer to her as the Australis as that is how I knew her) has finally died, after a 14 year battle with the elements. My only regret is that I never again walked her decks, something I promised myself I would try to do. I have fond memories of my days on the ship, she made a lasting impression on all that travelled her, even emails I get today from ex crew / passengers usually agree. Once travelled on she remains in your heart. For me it has been a passion and a part of my life no one will ever understand, and to be perfectly honest with you..........not even me.

This website will remain as a reminder to all that sailed on her, it will also remain to honour a ship that travelled the world through wars and depression, calm days and storms, delivering safely its cargo of people. Thankyou Australis for my wonderful memories, may you rest in peace...............................


All the none believers :) perfect photos of the wreckage of the stern taken October 2006

Ideal conditions show the outline of the stern - a great day for a dive


PHOTOS TAKEN 20th MARCH 2007 just 10 days after the below photos from Chris and we can see some dramatic changes, sadely the ship has almost gone - Courtesy of Petr Vanicek

Courtesy of Petr Vanicek
Courtesy of Petr Vanicek


PHOTOS TAKEN TAKEN 10th MARCH 2007 - Courtesy of Chris Hayhurst

Thanks to Chris Hayhurst these photos show some incredible changes over the last few months - The whole superstructure has gone and the interior has been washed away. Nothing but an empty shell of the ship which will soon collapse in on itself - some photos Chris sent me you can see that the whole internal decks of the bow area have been washed away


Taken 26th December 2006
Courtesy of John and Julz

The below 4 photos taken by Nick Cooke Early October 2006


The above photo was taken in July 2006 besides other noticeable destruction the main mast has now gone - courtesy of Paul Summerfield


John Stone who lives on the island sent me this great shot of the Port Side taken 13 March 2006. As can be seen from the November photos below the ship has listed more, as the Port promenade decks are now underwater.
Another great shot courtesy of John Stone


Alex took this photo in late February 2006
Surprisingly items of interest are now been washed ashore, this is a blank radio telegram from the Australis days, Chandris Lines ss Australis can still be seen in the left hand corner


More radio telephone information washed ashore
More radio telephone information washed ashore



The above photo shows the destruction in the last few weeks, taken late November and clearly show basically half the wreck has now disappeared, taking the rear funnel with it. Photo kindly supplied by John and taken by Neil Clewlow of FUERTEMEDIA the full set can be seen at www.fuertemedia.com

The above photo shows the rear funnel missing. Photo kindly supplied by John and taken by Neil Clewlow of FUERTEMEDIA the full set can be seen at www.fuertemedia.com


The above photo kindly supplied by Johannes Goebel who took this photo the day after the port side collapsed.

It would appear that this happened early Nov 2005

The above photo kindly supplied by Pedro Lopez taken recently (funnel has now fallen off) - Nov 2005


The above photo was taken by Vincent Hall-Roberts of the UK

on the 6th October 2005, his patience in waiting for calm conditions paid off with this great photo


The following photos were taken on 18th May 2005 by John Millet






The below photos are taken onboard the wreck in September 2002 - thanks to Ingo Turtenwald from Berlin

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