Update June 2007

Well after many years of waiting, its finally happened thanks to David Manuel Alberto who has completed a SS America model and a SS Australis model, Other versions are coming soon as weel as a scenery for Fremantle... I can't wait, my sincerest thanks and Gratitude to my good friend who has spent many hours doing this for me, many thanks David :) Here are a few shots.....

SS America

SS America bow on
Funnels from the bridge wing
One of my favourite spots in 1976, on the bow looking back

SS Australis

There is a small problem with the colouring of the funnels, I am hoping this can be fixed :) otherwise just like the America, a great model













Heavy seas and rain...
Dropping anchor in the Bismark - a perfect sunset prior to entering the Suez


A do a lot of things in my spare time, either flying my flight simulator or a multitude of other "games", but one I think is appropriate here is Virtual Sailor by Ilan Papini and can be accessed by clicking on http://www.hangsim.com/vs/ .

Basically once you have paid for the game (cheap - about $25 us I think), you can download hundreds of different ships and scenery and sail them around the world. I use a ship which is of the era and somewhat similar to the Australis, lets not get technical here, its not the Australis, its the Roterdam, and the colours all different but its good to use an old steamer passenger liner. I even jigged the CFG file so that only smoke comes out of the rear funnel.

Steaming down the Suez - just out of Port Said
Channel Markers help you during the night


You can select any time of the day, and any weather pattern, I love traversing the Suez or Panama Canal and if you are really good you can load in as many ships or boats as you like and jump from ship to ship navigating a whole fleet.

On the bridge wing - note the telegraph in the FULL AHEAD position
Same shot shortly after ringing FULL ASTERN - everything moves :)

Most ships have working bridges where wheels turn and telegraphs will move - in fact you can move around the entire ship externally (some ships have internal cabins or internal graphics) so you can walk around looking over balconys etc.

in the skippers seat of a lifeboat
The "Australis" in the background whilst I take a lifeboat for a spin

There are literally hundreds of ships to choose from, recreational power boats, yachts, Sailing ships, warships and submarines, not to mention current ships and historical ships, even the latest in passenger cruise liners are available.

Approaching a lock in the Panama
Aerial view of approaching a lock in the Panama


Only Skilled Skippers need apply..............
Safely in the Lock


Destroyer HMAS PERTH fires a salvo from the bow gun
Sail Ship DAR - these are fun, you need to set the sails right


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