SS America – USS Westpoint – SS Australis – Italis – Noga – Alferdoss – American Star wreck

” From the cradle to the grave ” explore the full history of the SS Australis from 1938 exploring her many lives, to her sad demise – its all here. Come on the full journey with your Web Master from Perth Western Australia Darren Byrne.

This web page (in many forms) was first created in August 1998 and has been updated for mobile devices and new technology.

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SS America – SS Australis and beyond

Chandris and indeed the ‘Australis’ live on today. Chandris is now a bulk shipping firm running cargo ships. They have remembered the ships that did them proud and have named a lot of the ships after liners eg Australis, Britanis etc. Here is the “Australis” today still under the Chandris flag courtesy of Stuart Clark