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Welcome to

Darren Byrne's tribute to a great liner of Yesteryear

(ss America, uss Westpoint, ss America, ss Australis, ss America, ss Italis,ss Alferdoss, ss Noga,and finally the wreck of the ss American Star)

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Welcome to the most comprehensive site on the web for this Liner of yesteryear. You will find an absolute wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. This web site gives a full comprehensive insight into the full life of this ship. I refer to it as 'from the cradle to the grave', because in a nutshell thats what my site covers. You can read the history, passenger accounts, see the deckplans, tour the ship, visit the museum. You will find comprehensive history of every career this ship has taken along with appropriate photos - once you enter - you will be hooked. It has by far the most interesting memrobilia available (including my prized main mast "Chandris " Pennant, that flew on the Australis), as a private collector I would have the largest collection here in Australia on Australis memrobillia, if not the world.

Since this website went to air in August 1998, it has continually grown, and a lot has happened from it, from you my dedicated ex passengers sending me memorabilia to a fantastic reunion held here in Perth Western Australia.

I welcome your input, your photos and experiences. I personally thank each and every person mentioned within the 'hall of fame' as without your help this site would not be what it is today. I consider myself an expert in this ship, however if you do note mistakes please do email me by emailing at any one of the numerous email links throughout the site

During your visit to my website you may at some point wish to email me, I have encrypted my email address so that spam robots can't pick up my email address. In the event you cannot email me from my links, my email address is darren(dot)byrne(at)westnet(dot)com(dot)au. Please use a subject line relevant to your query eg "ss Australis" or "ss America" etc


Original Australis telegraph graphic with thanks to Paul Looyen


So cast off the lines and its full steam ahead as you click on the Australis's telegraph on the left to enter arguably one of the best sites on the web dedicated to the "ss Australis"

Come along and re live your adventure, or learn about the rich history of the ship if you have dropped by for a quick visit, now would be a good time to make a coffee and get yourself comfortable, once your in you will be drawn into the magic of this liner, a world class ship and a piece of Australian history as an immigrant liner

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