Possibly the largest private collection of Chandris Memorabilia ?

A few photos of my display cabinet, that is full of memorabilia, however amongst the piles of souveniers, I do have some prized items, see pics below, of my Chandris lines flag, models, my key to my cabin, crockery and parts of the wreck. Part of my collection was on display at the Sydney Maritime Museum for 10 years – see story below. Not only has my collection been involved with the Sydney Natioanl Maritime Museum but I have had an oral history completed and recently (2021) have been involved with the “walk a mile in my shoes” program. This was a full history of myself including the travel on the Australis which people can listen to. This was through the Maritime Museum in conjunction with the Empathy Museum of UK.

My travel agents model still illuminates 1100 mm long (see pack of cards for scale)
My model I loaned to the Sydney Maritime museum for 10 yrs
A small airfix model created to look like SS Italis / American Star