I acknowledge that this website could not have been constructed without the use of books, magazines, private, public images and those gifted to me. Where possible all credit has been given to all photos and sources of information. As you can probably appreciate, 35 years of collecting images and information and several lost hard drives due to computer upgrades has left me with photos that I have no idea where they came from.

This web page makes no income and has been put together at my expense (and continual annual expenses) and is a source of historical records pertaining to the lost liner SS America / SS Australis.

Please, if you see a picture missing a credit or a reference that is missing I ask that you contact me so that the proper credit can be given. If I have used an image that requires action please let me know, these actions could include:
1. Removal of image
2. permission to continue to use image with correct credits given.
3. Correction of any statements that may be incorrect.
4. Any other action as agreed by both parties.
Thank you
Darren Byrne